MHG Systems Develops a Feedstock Platform Service for Feedstock Assessment and Bioenergy Plant Optimization

MHG Systems has developed with its partners, Simosol Oy and Wiltrain Consulting Oy a comprehensive MHG Feedstock Platform Cloud Service for mapping available biomass resources and optimizing power plant investments. The platform was recently piloted in Sampit, Central Kalimantan, Indonesia.

The Platform Service consists of 5 modules: Biomass Mapper, Power Plant Optimizer, Biomass Supply Manager, Maintenance Manager and Consultation Services. The pilot was funded by the Finnish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as a part of EEP Indonesia project. The Service compares regional investment alternatives in terms of economic performance based on spatially and temporally explicit feedstock simulation, taking into account seasonal infrastructural constraints, intermediate harvesting, storage and transport processes. The next step is to apply the Service in Riau, Sumatra for securing feedstock sources for a gasification plant. In parallel MHG Systems is searching for clients, in particular within oil palm industries to invest in new bioenergy production being aware of economical sustainability of the planned investment using the MHG Feedstock Platform Service.

More information:
Seppo Huurinainen, CEO,
puh.: +358 44 5814950.