Metsäpaikka is now Wuudis

MHG Systems is developing Wuudis, the digital forest management platform, for international markets through a giant big data project, DataBio. MHG Systems operates as a project leader of the forest sector pilots, where Wuudis will be implemented as the service platform.

Previously known in Finland as, “Metsäpaikka”, from now on the platform will be renamed as Wuudis worldwide.

Wuudis is a comprehensive digital service for managing forest information for international use.

Wuudis is being developed rapidly towards the digital era with the goal of becoming an integrated forest property management tool, synchronised with governmental and satellite information systems. “Connection with the governmental systems will happen through standardized procedures and interfaces and a novel service portal that is being built for the satellite image interpretation”, tells Seppo Huurinainen, CEO of MHG Systems. Huurinainen works in the DataBio project as the project leader in forestry pilots. “DataBio offers us new resources and world class know-how for interpreting big data, like Copernicus satellite images, deploying new remote sensing methods and utilizing satellite based forest property information on Wuudis”, Huurinainen continues.

Along with these business arrangements the ownership base of Wuudis Oy changes also. MHG Systems Oy becomes the majority owner of Wuudis Oy and Lic.For. Seppo Huurinainen was appointed the new CEO of the company.

DataBio – towards data-driven bioeconomy

In Europe’s scale, DataBio project (H2020 Big data Public-Private Partnership project) is a giant project with 16,2 M€ budget. The project opens wide scale pilots for Wuudis in Czech Republic, Belgium and Spain as well as completely new business sectors for MHG Systems through the Wuudis ecosystem.

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Seppo Huurinainen, CEO, +358 44 581 4950

MHG Systems is a pioneer in developing the most complete big data and mobile technology solutions for bioenergy production processes. Our mission at MHG Systems is to bring efficiency gains, cost savings and environmental benefits to all operators in the biomass business value chain, enabling optimization of material and human resources and facilitating operation of more complex business models.

Wuudis is a unique commercial service for forest owners and forest service companies enabling forestry and forest resource management in one place. Wuudis Service turns a new digital page in the history of Finnish and global forestry. Through the novel e-commerce Service forest owners are able to order and bid forest care works as well as tender wood and biomass for sales – comfortably from the home sofa.

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