Biomass Manager

MHG Biomass Manager is the most complete solution for bioenergy production.

Our mission at MHG Systems is to bring efficiency gains, cost savings and environmental benefits to all operators in the value chain, enabling optimization of material and human resources and facilitating operation of more complex business models. To do this we have developed MHG Biomass Manager, an information sharing and communication platform for bioenergy production processes.

Initially, MHG Biomass Manager functions focused on inventory monitoring and managing biomass delivery chains in real-time, but we are now extending our core services to enable feedstock assessment, origin tracking and terminal management, environmentally sustainable operations and biomass to energy conversion.

MHG Biomass Manager is available in more than 10 languages​​, but language localization services to new areas are easily developed.

Who is this for?

Co-ordinating multiple players in complex supply chains can be a daunting challenge. This service will bring significant benefits for biomass end-user, energy suppliers, transport and biomass supply or service companies that are involved in at least one stage of the following processes.

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MHG Biomass Manager help develop an end to end automation of the entire biomass/timber acquisition process by being a flexible ITC Service that grow together with your business.

This service integrates mobile and web-based operative systems, real-time maps, satellite-based location information, RIFD, CO2, and moisture monitoring, feedstock storage, transportation tracking to manage biomass delivery chains from field to end-use in real-time.

Increasingly, bioenergy operators are required to keep track of feedstock origin. MHG Biomass Manager enables tracking of biomass origin and associated quality characteristics, including moisture content changes during storage.

WE believe our strong expertise and technology service in Bioenergy production can significantly improve your business quality, profitability and optimization!

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Simple MHG’s Bioenergy service process

  1. Contact us by enquiring at
  2. We hear your requirements and you are provided with a demo and general overview of the specified MHG service.
  3. We dive into your business processes and pinpoint key bottlenecks and headaches in order to build tailor-made service just for you.
  4. Want to see our service in action before committing? Our starter kit includes training, use of service for limited users and roadmap training.
  5. Standard, dedicated SaaS service or system delivery.

Key Features

  • Stand and inventory control
  • Monitoring of quality and energy content
  • Resource and customer management
  • Job and logistics management
  • Site management through map functions
  • Cost control
  • Integrated calendar functions
  • Invoicing and reporting functions
  • SMS alarm fuction

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