Consultancy Services

To support deployment of our services, we provide consultancy in the following domains:



MHG Systems keeps a tab on the latest policy and technology developments in the forestry and bioenergy industries, and participates in R&D projects to incorporate these into our services.

Examples involve development of feedstock origin tracking functionality enabling compliance with ‘chain of custody’ legislation, integration of dynamic or user-generated social, environmental or economic data, such as feedstock heating value or transport costs and emissions, or integration with third party applications enabling easier environmental reporting. With support and commitment of management, sustainability of bioenergy supply chains become a question of the timely and effective retrieval, transmission, receipt, storage and manipulation of information.



Effective deployment of new IT systems requires changes in work method that extend beyond your IT department, to both business managers and users. Use of mobile apps by field workers or of new management information services therefore requires training. Depending on client needs, this involves training of staff in feedstock mapping, mobile feedstock quality and quantity monitoring and reporting, deliveries tracking, planning and inventory management.

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