Although we work directly with many organisations worldwide, we also are in search for strategic partnerships with third parties to bring our highly valuable remote sensing services to where they can be most commercially beneficial.

MHG Systems is a member of Cleantech Finland

Cleantech Finland is a hub of Finnish cleantech expertize and sustainable innovations.

Forest Management Institute (FMI) - monitoring forest health over SENTINEL data

The Czech FMI operates as a service of the Ministry of Agriculture for forestry. The primary task of the Institute is implementing the National Forest Inventory, including field measurements and evaluation of results.

The FMI maintains a central database with information about forests of the Czech Republic, forest management and hunting.

In DataBio we are developing a new methodology for forest health assessment based on Copernicus satellite data focusing on technological development of the processing of Sentinel-2 optical and Sentinel-1 radar data. This allows us to assess the forest health of the entire area of Czech Republic. In addition, the forest owners will benefit from public-available mapserver and implementation of the layers in Wuudis platform, where all forest health status maps will be published to allow proactive management of their forest properties.

The Finnish Forest Centre, Metsää - eServices for Forest Owners and Service providers

The Finnish Forest Centre collects forest resource data based on remote surveying transforming it into usable information for forest owners and other stake holders to be used via Metsää eServices.
In DataBio and government´s forestry digitalization projects we build up new digital solutions and standardized procedures in collaboration with multiple partners for quality control of silvicultural work, crowd sourcing, forest damage monitoring and preventing, as well as for activation of forest owners to take better care of their forestry assets.

Developing tailored software solutions has been an integral part of our history as a company and we have been able to successfully meet the requirements of our clients around the world.

Spacebel S.A - improving forest management through multitemporal SENTINEL data

Spacebel S.A. is a Belgian software engineering company operating in the Space and Earth monitoring application sectors more than 25 years. The skills include the mission definition and analysis of Earth observation microsatellites, the design, development, integration, validation of IT space systems and geospatial information systems. We provide 6 forest services based on the use of multitemporal SENTINEL data and field data to improve regional forest management.

In the DataBio project Spacebel is doing integration of Wuudis service with EU Regions! / EUGENIUS Big Data system for forestry in Wallonia and France.