Operative services and tools for bioenergy processes

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Our services

MHG Systems’ services are developed using modern open source technologies, enabling us to provide our customers with the best and most cost-effective user experience. Central to our services is ease of use, scalability, and integration capability.

Our services combine innovative web and mobile technologies and also make extensive use of GIS map interfaces.

Our services are available in more than 10 languages​​, but language localization services to new areas are easily developed.

All of our services can be integrated into existing information systems to ensure a seamless information flow of business processes. Services are available through the SaaS service, a dedicated SaaS service, and as a system delivery.










MHG Biomass Manager and Protacon’s Once service form a complete solution for biomass origin and quality monitoring, as well as forest-to-end-use supply chain management.


Simosol Oy is MHG Systems´ partner in biomass mapping, forest inventory, and biomass power plant prefeasibility projects.  MHG Biomass Manager and Simosol’s Iptim service enable users to manage and optimize forest asset management.


Jab is a partner in demanding integration projects.


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    Veli-Matti Plosila
    Technology Manager

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    Seppo Huurinainen

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